The 10 Benefits of Murici Kid

The 10 Benefits of Murici Kid

The benefits of Murici Kid for health are many, so Murici Miúdo contains a large amount of nutrients essential to the general health of the body. In addition, the dwarf Murici of the Malpighiaceae family is present in several states of the state of Maranhão, such as Goiás, Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul. It has a cylindrical trunk 30 to 40 cm in diameter covered with lush rhizome bark.

The fruits are harvested directly from the tree when they initiate the spontaneous fall. The fruits thus obtained can be used directly as seeds to be sown. However, if you wish to store the seed or send it elsewhere, it is recommended to remove it. This is done by pouring them for a few days to initiate the process of disintegrating the pulp and facilitating the removal of seeds.

Nutritional values ??of Murici Tiny: In 100 grams of Murici Tiny, you can absorb the following amounts of nutrients:

33 g of calcium
17 mg of phosphorus
2 mg of iron
0.2 mg of vitamin B1
0.4 mg of vitamin B2
0.40 niacin
7 mcg of retinol
85 mg of vitamin C
0.90 g of protein
14.40 g of carbohydrates
2.20 g of fiber

Fruits play an important role in a healthy diet. They are rich in essential nutrients to keep our body healthy. Fruits such as mangoes, oranges, bananas, pineapples, watermelons, grapes, apples, etc. are generally consumed by us all. There are fruits that most of us do not know.

For example, Murici Kid is one of the few fruits rich in nutrients and can have various health benefits. Now examine the 10 benefits of Murici Kid For Health:

Murici Kid Benefits for Brain Health: The phosphorus contained in Murici Kid is extremely important for maintaining proper mental functions. Functions such as concentration, memory and mental functions can be improved by using this mineral. Sufficient phosphorus content guarantees growth and cognitive development, making Murici Kid an excellent food for treating these conditions. Phosphorus deficiency can lead to the early onset of neurological diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer?s disease.

Benefits of Murici Kid for energy production: phosphorus contributes to the energy production used daily by the body, Murici Tiny can bring you an increase of this energy. Murici Kid helps the circulation of energy and ensures that it is used effectively by various organs. Murici Kid helps reduce nutrients by releasing energy from the foods you eat. In addition, the Murici Tiny prevents you from feeling tired or tired.

A sufficient amount of phosphorus in the body keeps you awake and energetic. Murici Kid helps to solve minor problems such as muscle weakness, deafness, sexual debility, impotence, loss of libido, frigidity, motility of sperm, etc. Phosphorus is involved in all the chemical reactions of the body.

Benefits of Murici Kid for bones and teeth: Murici Kid is rich in phosphorus, essential for healthy bones and teeth. Therefore, you must make sure that you get enough phosphorus. Bones need not only calcium, but also phosphorus. It helps keep bones and teeth strong and healthy. Minerals are most needed at puberty for growth hormones.

Women also ask for it during pregnancy and menopause. The phosphorus contained in Murici Tiny promotes remineralization of teeth and bones. To prevent osteoporosis, a sufficient amount of calcium and phosphorus is needed. However, bone growth can be impaired if the calcium / phosphorus ratio is too high.

Benefits of Murici Kid for the treatment of cancer: Studies have shown that high consumption of fruits and vegetables helps reduce the risk of various cancers. Studies have also shown that increased consumption of vitamin C, which is present in large quantities, is associated with a decreased risk of cancers of the lungs, mouth, vocal cords, neck, colon and lung. rectum. Stomach and esophagus.

Benefits of Murici Kid for blood: The formation of hemoglobin is the main function of iron, which is abundant in Murici Kid. Iron is part of hemoglobin, it gives the blood the dark reds and also helps to carry oxygen to the body?s cells, so that Murici Kid?s consumption can improve the blood?s effect on the body. A hemoglobin supplement is crucial because people tend to lose blood through internal and external injuries in different ways.

Benefits of Cerrado Murici for Muscle Health: Cerrado Murici contains proteins that play an important role in muscle contraction and coordination. Proteins are present in muscle tissue in the form of various microfilaments and provide muscle structure. Muscle growth depends on the adequacy of proteins in the body. So, if you want to have beautiful muscles, use Murici de Cerrado as a source of protein. It is extremely important to find a balance between muscle protein synthesis and the breakdown of these muscle proteins.

Benefits of Murici Kid for restless legs syndrome: Iron deficiency is one of the causes of restless legs syndrome and Murici Kid is used for the treatment of this condition. Most research on this syndrome has focused on iron. The low level of iron in the blood is the main cause of the disease. Therefore, by taking iron-rich foods like Murici Kid, you can remedy this problem. This is related to muscle cramps, which can be one of the symptoms of iron deficiency.

Benefits of Murici Kid to Lower Cholesterol: Murici Kid contains fibers that form a type of gel that captures some of the fat in foods and changes the consumption of bad cholesterol (LDL). In addition, intestinal fiber fermentation produces components such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), which reduce cholesterol synthesis in the liver. The insoluble fibers found in Murici Tiny also bind to bile salts and also help reduce the absorption of fats and cholesterol.

Benefits of Murici Kid in the fight against diabetes: The fiber contained in Murici Kid slows the digestion of carbohydrates by slowing the absorption of glucose in the blood, thus reducing insulin levels. In contact with water, the fibers also protect the food and hinder the absorption of sugar, making Murici Tiny a good ally for people with the disease.

Benefits of Murici Kid for anemia in women: Iron can also have beneficial health effects for the treatment of diseases such as anemia, for example in women during pregnancy or menstruation. The new red blood cells must replace those that have been lost. Therefore, consume large quantities of iron for these women at the same places in their lives, so that Murici Tiny can be used to resolve this situation.